The Razorback Starscreen has been specifically designed for the wood recycling sector. Teaming the Razorback Starscreen with a shredder creates a closed loop system that eliminates second handling of material. Material which has not been sized passes through the Razorback screen and back through the shredder until the wood is shredded to the required size. Not only is the perfect product produced but the need for manpower and material handling is removed with this system, maximising company return.

Key Features

  • Variable speed drives on feed in conveyor and stars to allow for precise adjustment
  • Changeable aperture to accommodate various material sizes
  • Flexible operating height
  • Screen deck angle adjustable to increase screening time
  • Hydraulically folding stock piling conveyors
  • Mobile – ease of movement from site to site

Suitable For

  • Wood Chip
  • Biomass
  • Compost
  • Green Waste
  • Top Soil

Razorback Starscreen is also available as a standalone unit and can be incorporated into existing facilities.


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