Quality Control Cabin

The innovative QCM-1200P Quality Control Mobile Picking Station incorporates a dual action Airhog blower and suction fan for two stage super light fraction removal. The 3 bay heavily insulated cabin offers up to 6 manual material collection points and features a powerful overband magnet for maximum ferrous recovery. Its mobile chassis with hydraulic support legs allows for ease of transport and manoeuvrability on site.


The QCM-1200P is a 3 bay (6 persons) Quality Control Picking Station which is available a smaller a 2 bay (4 persons) version called the QCS-1200.

Video demonstrations coming soon!

Key Features

  • Dual action Blower and Suction system for removing light trash material such as Plastic, Paper, Foam and Polystyrene
  • Overband magnet for Steel recovery
  • 3-Bay 6-person picking cabin
  • 20kVA onboard genset for power supply
  • Hydraulic pump onboard for raising and lowering support legs

Suitable For

  • C&D & C&I Waste clean up
  • Skip Waste processing
  • Scrap Metal quality control
  • MSW
  • Landfill Reclaim
  • MDR
  • Aggregate recycling

QCM-1200P Quality Control Cabin is also available in a smaller size- QCS-1200


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