Incinerator Ash Applications

Incinerator Ash Applications

Ecohog waste management products can be used in multiple ways to help clean and recover valuable materials from the incinerator ash that power plants produce to assist in waste to energy solutions.

There has been a drastic increase in the number of power plants burning fuel from recycled waste as an energy from waste solution (WTE solutions) instead of the usual fossil fuel as a sustainable solution, this recycled waste comes rdf facilities and the recyclable material comes in a number of forms such as; Biomass, Refuse derived fuel (RDF Waste) and Solid recovered fuels (SRF Waste).

The Scraphog Drum Separator is the upstream solution to removing Ferrous metals (iron) from residual waste. This can then be cleaned by a Ecohog Windshifter or Airhog suction system.

The incinerator ash material can then be processed over the HogMag ECS to recovery Non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass).

“Clean” ash is then produced which can be used in cement kilns for concrete or bitumen mixing.

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