Scrap Metal Applications

Scrap Metal Applications

Scrap Metal Recycling – Get the results you need

Scrap metal recycling is undoubtedly a commodity that has uncapped value – in terms of commercial viability, reducing environmental stressors, taking the pressure off of raw resources and as a growing employment rich industry.

Price of Scrap Metal

The prices on scrap metal will fluctuate as reflection of what is happening around the world and will depend on your location.

Supply and demand is ultimately a huge factor in what the going rate in scrap metal is at that moment. However, you may see a rise if for example a particular country has been affected by earthquake and requires new buildings or fixing of buildings that have been damaged.

Transportation costs play a significant role in prices, depending on where you are and where you are sourcing the material from.

One thing is for sure. Metal, in all it’s forms, will always be a hugely commercially viable business choice. Scrap Metal recyclers have long since been the original instigators in the circular economy.

Scrap Metal Machinery – is yours performing at optimum level?

Like any viable business, you need the right tools for the job to achieve ultimate profit margins. So what does that mean for your scrap metal machinery?

Firstly, you require equipment that overcomes both common and specific scrap metal processing issues. Crippling overhead costs, energy bills and ongoing maintenance problems are a common complaint. We also hear a lot about machinery requiring shredder protection and producing inadequate clean recovery.

At Ecohog, we believe in seeing our customer’s problems being our problems. Ultimately, our goal is to offer the right solution to those problems by addressing what issues you face and how your yard can have maximum optimisation.


Scrap metal machinery such as Eddy Current Separators, downstream recovery systems and windshifters are all available from Ecohog that will allow you to process all metal recycling with ease

Metal for Recycling

These generally come under 3 general categories – Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Alloy. The possibilities for metal recycling are endless and opportunities for profit are great, particularly if the process is clean and efficient. Clean recovery is essential for that all important profit margin. Therefore, as a scrap metal processor you are going to need scrap metal machinery that addresses

Ferrous Metals

Metals that contain Iron and as a result are magnetic. Ferrous Metals include Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, Mild Steel and Carbon Steel. Products made of these materials include: cast iron frying pans, bathtubs and even some car parts.

Non-Ferrous metals

Metals that do not contain iron and therefore are not magnetic. Non Ferrous metals include Aluminium, Copper, Titanium and Silver. Common products of these materials are: aluminium (UBC) cans, car doors, window frames, Waste, Electrical and Electronical Equipment (WEEE), old (copper) taps and plumbing (copper) pipes to name just a few.

Indeed, as the demand in renewable energy rises around the world, so too does the demand for Copper once again.

Alloy Metals

Alloys are metals that are a combination of metals smelted together.

Scrap Metal can be utilised after a multi-step separation process. A commercially viable process requires equipment designed and built using expertise and experience of the problems that scrap metal processors relate to. The result is equipment that produces clean, efficient separation of material in high volumes that allow for high profit margins.

All metal recycling at scrap yard

Heavy Metals

For heavy metal material, the ScrapHog Magnetic Drum Separator will initiate the separation process, recovering impressive volumes of ferrous material using magnetic separation.

Car Frag

The Recon Q is also a great solution at the beginning of the separation process for scrap metal such as car frag, WEEE, skip waste processing, slag recovery and SRF clean up. With the Recon Q, light and super light contamination is removed with ease.

Ultimate Shredder Protection

A Windshifter will help the process along and with our models, you can be rest assured knowing that shredder protection is of the utmost importance to keep maintenance bills to a minimum.

Ecohog's Eddy Current Separators, windshifters and downstream recovery systems can help you maximise your scrap metal profits.

Eddy Current Separators and shredder protection to meet your scrap metal processing needs

To truly maximise your profits for your scrap metal you will require equipment that can provide large volumes of clean recovery whilst keeping running and maintenance costs to a minimum. Ecohog’s range of  Eddy Current Separators comes in two sizes and can be tracked or static.

We also offer the world’s first tracked downstream recovery system the renowned Recon-Q – the perfect solution for car frag, WEEE processing, skip waste processing and much more.

And any one of our AirHog suction systems can provide a great cleaning step to get a truly great end material that can easily be reutilised once more.


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