Ecohog are a family owned equipment manufacturer operating on a global scale with over 30 years’ experience supplying equipment to the waste and recycling sector.
Through extensive market research, research and development and concept design in finding solutions to waste sorting problems the company has developed the Ecohog Windshifter and HogMag Metal Recovery ranges which are some of the most efficient separation technology in today’s market.

The Products

Product Range

The Ecohog product range has been designed for both mobile and static installations incorporating low energy consumption, low noise levels, and low dust emissions whilst meeting the latest law regulations and protecting the environment at a more affordable price. Ecohog have extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, each Ecohog unit is custom tailored to accommodate the customer’s specific needs and process requirements.

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The EcoHog WindShifter

The Ecohog Windshifter unit allows customers to incorporate air separation into new or existing processing configurations that experience contaminates in the materials. The technology provides an alternative to manual sorting which is both exhausting and expensive. The Airhog Suction System is a stand-alone Suction System for the removal of light contaminants and is ideal for some waste processes that don’t need the full capital expenditure because their ‘lights’ contamination isn’t a big enough issue to actually warrant the purchase of a Windshifter or the Airhog could be introduced onto the end of the waste process that would reduce or eliminate the ‘lights’ problem.

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The HogMag Eddy Current Separator

The HogMag Eddy Current Separator is designed for the recovery of ferrous and nonferrous metals from residual applications incorporating magnetic components into the HogMag to further recovery. In many applications customers identified the need for metal recovery in addition to the air separation therefore the products are complementary to each other as well as existing products in the marketplace such as trommels, screens and shredders. Ecohog are currently employing a variation of products in applications worldwide. Ecohog  continue to design and develop the entire Separation range to ensuring continued to design and development of the most innovative equipment leading the market place.

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The Result

Dedicated to continuous improvement and ongoing development the company are also currently involved in a range of R&D projects. Other developments include the manufacture of tracked models, another option that will maintain the ethos of providing recycling equipment that complements other equipment in existing waste processing set ups.

Ecohog are all about separation, specifically air separation and magnetic separation. Ecohog aim to help customers find cost effective solutions whilst still achieving quality separations and were possible aim to improve the efficiency of their existing equipment by equipment enhancement.