Mobile Picking Station

Mobile Picking Station – EDS-1050SM

The EQS-1050SM Mobile Picking Station is an open air, cost effective picking station with variable speed drive for optimising throughput. Create ultimate quality control in recycling without huge investment. The EQS- 1050SM is a standalone unit designed with forklift lifting points and lifting eyes for craning to ensure ease of movement and adjustability to any set-up.
The unit compliments existing equipment maximising recovery with 4 manual material collection points. The EQS-1050SM Mobile Picking Station is the epitome of minimal investment for maximum return. This is the smallest most efficient Picking Station Ecohog have to offer as it is available as a flat pack solution to cut down on additional cost and time.
Do you need a solution that protects staff from the environment?
Then check out the EQS-1200SM-2. This is a 2 bay Quality Pickiggn Station which is also available in a bigger 3 bay version called the EQS-1200SM-3.

Video demonstrations coming soon but see our short video of our 2 bay and 3 bay Picking Stations on our Linkedin now- Ecohog Linkedin!

Key Features

  • Plug & Play
  • Compact
  • Cost Effective
  • Ease of Transport
  • Low Maintenance
  • Optimise Capture Rate due to Variable Speed Drive
  • Flat pack option available

Suitable For

  • C&D & C&I Waste clean up
  • Skip Waste processing
  • Scrap Metal quality control
  • MSW
  • Landfill Reclaim
  • MDR
  • Aggregate recycling

The EQS-1050SM is also available in a larger size- EQS-1200SM-2.


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