THM ECS-2000

Eddy Current Separator HogMag Mobile

Tracked Eddy Current Separator recovering ferrous and non ferrous metals with precision


Ferrous metal and non ferrous metal separation with the flexibility of tracks with the THM ECS 2000.

With an integrated vibrating pan, magnetic drum combined with a 2 metre wide, 22 pole eddy current separator, this unit makes light work of multiple waste streams (listed below), recovering non ferrous metals such as aluminium cans, copper and brass in high volumes. 3 integrated, folding stockpiling conveyors creates ultimate processing and organised separation on site.
The mobile THM ECS-2000 is the ideal downstream replacement for existing static Eddy Current Separators and an excellent partner for mobile Shredders, Screeners and Trommels – removing the costs associated with static machinery and providing your site with a significant amount of flexibility.
The Tracked HogMag Eddy Current Separator can sort through:
Aluminium Can Recycling
Municipal Solid Waste
Scrap Metal
Automotive/Vehicle Fragment
Construction Waste/C&D Waste
Brass and Copper Recovery
Construction and Industrial Waste
Refused Derived Fuel
Incinerator Slag
Waste Wood Processing
Glass (MRF) Clean Up
Shredder Material
Foundry Sand

How does our Eddy Current Separator work?

Waste material is fed onto the conveyor via a vibrating pan feeder. Firstly ferrous metal will be separated from the stream as the magnetic drum attracts and removes it into it’s on pile via a stockpiling conveyor. Then the waste stream that still contains non-ferrous metal moves along the the conveyor that also house a magnet rotor. The rotor will force the non-ferrous metal into it’s own bin by repelling it, whilst the remaining waste material will fall into another bin. You are then left with 3 separate materials that have been so efficiently sorted they are ready for recycling/trading on.

Also available is the HogMag’s little brother – Mobile HogMag Eddy Current Separator (THM ECS-1500) with a 1.5m Eddy Current Separator
Need a more modular solution? Then check out our Static Eddy Current Separator (SHM ECS-2000)

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Key Features

  • Integrated Vibrating Pan
  • Magnetic Drum Rev X-E ST22-80 ECS
  • 3 Integrated folding stockpiling conveyors
  • Crawler Tracks
  • Heavy duty abrasion resistant belts
  • Onboard 100KVA Generator
  • Hydraulic Powerpack
  • Energy efficient motors
  • Sealed shell bearings
  • Onboard Air Compressor for maintenance, cleaning and dust suppression
  • High throughput
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy
  • Optional Onboard Airhog Suction System

Suitable For

  • Waste Wood Processing
  • Biomass
  • Glass (MRF) Clean up
  • Aluminium Can Recycling
  • Scrap Metal Processing
  • Automotive Fragment
  • Shredder Material
  • RDF / C&D / C&I
  • Brass / Copper Recovery
  • Incinerator Slag
  • Foundry Sand