3 Feb, 2015

CJR Services Supplies Hydrock Contracting With Ecohog EH1500-SM1 Density Separator

CJR Services Supplies Hydrock Contracting With Ecohog EH1500-SM1 Density Separator

Hydrock Contracting Ltd specialise in land quality issues including lands which are suffering from contamination and require restoration to original form.  The aim is to minimise disposal to landfill, providing remediation services to industries such as; landfill, industrial facilities, sensitive military sites, chemical works and public open spaces to name a few.

They have undertaken a remediation project for an Essex based site which previously had been used as a dumping place and was contaminated with a combination of waste material. This included finer aggregates mixed with skip derived trommel fines and some commercial and industrial waste.

Their objective on this site was to clear the waste through further treatment to minimise the levels of waste disposed of at landfill cost effectively. ICJR Services supplies Hydrock contracting with Ecohog Standard Unit Windshifter (EH1500-SM1) density separator to find the solution for this particular separation. Hydrock Contracting contacted CRJ Services who were able to provide the complete solution for achieving the desired outputs.

Dr Mike Higgins, Managing Director – Land Remediation, Hydrock Contracting Ltd, commented, “We have repeatedly chosen CRJ as our supplier since 2009. This is down to their ability to consistently react quickly to our needs… keeping their promise to deliver the most cost effective machines for the job on time.”

The complete solutions included two Doppstadt SM518 trommels, one with a 15mm drum to produce a material that was suitable to landfill with significantly reduced landfill charges and the other trommel with a 70mm drum to remove the 70mm plus fraction. The EH1500-SM1 windshifter unit was introduced to clean the 15mm-70mm size fraction. The Windshifter operates on a principle of density separation and removes the light materials from the heavy materials. In this case plastic was removed from the remaining material, which now qualifies for the lower landfill tax or it can go on for further processing.

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