26 JANUARY, 2021

Ecohog Ltd and TAURUS, the Hog and the Bull Unite!

Ecohog Ltd and TAURUS, the Hog and the Bull Unite!

Ecohog Ltd are happy to announce their newly established partnership with Italian company TAURUS. The collaboration of Ecohog and TAURUS will provide a wealth of experience and technological advances to the Irish and Italian scrap industry.  Introducing a new era for the future in the processing of scrap metal. This partnership aims to present scrap processors with a range of technology tailored specifically to meet their business needs.

TAURUS has a range of equipment identifiable as the REDLINE, BLUELINE, GREENLINE and BLACKLINE including shears, balers, hammer-mills and pre-shredders. Since 1964 they have been developing and producing high intensity machinery for scrap metal processors. As a result, this partnership will ensure processors will maximise their separation of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Declan McNally, Senior Technical Director said, “We are delighted to work with such a well renowned and experienced company. Our synergy gives a lot to offer the scrap and waste processing industries globally. In addition, our exchange of experience and capacity to promote a complete package of machines catering for the processors specific needs.”

Fabio Okamoto, TAURUS Sales Manager said, “We are excited about this new partnership with Ecohog.”

The strategy of this agreement between two manufacturers will allow a winning synergy with exchange of experiences. Moreover, Ecohog’s 30 years industry experience and revolutionary separation technology accompanied with TAURUS’ pristine reputation for scrap metal processing technology for nearly 60 years is a success for scrap metal processors today. Together, Ecohog and TAURUS have enhanced knowledge in the scrap metal industry and transformative state of the art technology is a success for the industry.

Find out more on the benefits of processing ferrous and non ferrous metals and the technology available get in contact with Ecohog! Email info@ecohog.com to find out more about Ecohog Ltd and TAURUS products or log onto www.ecohog.com.

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