4 Apr, 2019

Ecohog Collaborate With IT Sligo To Deliver Significant Improvements Through InterTradeIreland’s FUSION Programme

Ecohog Collaborate With IT Sligo To Deliver Significant Improvements Through InterTradeIreland’s FUSION Programme

Ecohog and IT Sligo have secured funding through InterTradeIreland’s FUSION Programme to partially fund a graduate and academic supervisor.  Over 12 months, the combined team will implement a process improvement programme and deliver significant savings for the company.

Ecohog Ltd, based in Carrickmore, design innovative waste separation technology tailored for the Recycling industry.  Graduate Chris McCann was hired as a production engineer to maximise productivity and cost efficiencies in the manufacturing process.

Chris says “I am really enjoying my time here, I was fairly apprehensive about moving from the South of Ireland to the North but everyone here at Ecohog has made me feel very welcome and have helped me build on any knowledge gaps. It’s also good that I can also apply everything that I have learned in my degree in a fast paced work environment.”

<img src="Ecohog.png" alt="Intertrade Ireland Fusion Graduate"/>

InterTradeIreland Graduate

What is the FUSION Programme?

The goal of the FUSION project is to carry out a detailed analysis of Ecohog’s current design and manufacturing processes, which will then be optimized using best practice in order to improve efficiency and minimize waste. The first pilot project will be monitored through to completion to prove the new process development.

Tracey McNally, Director of Ecohog says “It has been a great experience so far to partner with Sligo IT and secure a graduate of Chris’ calibre for our FUSION Project. Even in a short time-scale he has been able to influence our production process and implement areas of improvement. We are excited about the changes and cost savings that will be gained through the project. It promises to be a great investment for our business. I would encourage other firms to apply to InterTradeIreland’s FUSION Programme.”

The academic supervisor for this project is Trevor McSharry, the Head of Department of Civil Engineering & Construction at IT Sligo. Trevor says ‘The FUSION programme is an excellent catalyst for change in a company. It is very rewarding to be involved in this project, which has put Ecohog in an excellent position for future growth and success.’

Alan Morrow, Assistant Director of Programmes and Business Services for InterTradeIreland says “InterTradeIreland is delighted to support both Ecohog and IT Sligo through the FUSION programme.  It’s another great example of how collaboration between an innovative SME and an experienced academic can add significant value to a small business and in the process provide an opportunity for a graduate to gain meaningful experience.”

For more information on the Ecohog product range view our Product section.

Further information about InterTradeIreland’s funded FUSION Programme can be found at www.intertradeireland.com/fusion


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