Ecohog Modular Trommel Screen

Trommel Screen – a modular solution to recycling

Efficiently recover up to 3 materials from your waste stream with Ecohog’s modular EHT-8220S Trommel. It is the ideal machine for trommel fines. The modular trommel utilises multiple trommel screen plate options offering up to 3 fraction material separation making it a great option for screening materials. The Trommel can be configured to adapt the operations on site and is suitable for many recycling process applications including but not limited to; Scrap Metal, Waste Wood (wood chips), Compost Oversize, C&D, C&I, MSW, RDF and SRF processing.

Due to the recent pandemic, we had to rethink how we ‘deliver’ our products. Each conveyor is labelled, each matching trestle tagged with the matching name and so forth. All elements literally plug and play in terms of all electrical connections.

With low operational costs, no need for specialists to get the equipment up and running, the machine itself is modular built for convenience.

Key Features

  • Modular design for ease of installation
  • Options for 2 fraction and 3 fraction splits
    Fines + Mid-size + Oversize
  • Discharge stock piler conveyors
  • Possible different combinations with stockpiling or transfer conveyors
  • Adjustable working height
  • Available in 8m length
  • Electrically driven gearboxes with speed control
  • Can work in tandem with most mobile shredders and pre-shredders

Suitable For

  • Biomass
  • MSW
  • C&D
  • C&I
  • Skip Waste
  • Aggregate
  • Compost
  • Scrap Metal Processing