2 Oct, 2017

Warwick Ward Supply Ecohog THM ECS-2000 To Recover Metals And Increase Production Of Recycled Wood For Jack Moody Group

Warwick Ward Supply Ecohog THM ECS-2000 To Recover Metals And Increase Production Of Recycled Wood For Jack Moody Group

Ecohog agent Warwick Ward Ltd supply a suite of Ecohog Mobile HogMag Eddy Current Separator (THM ECS-2000) to the Jack Moody Group for the recovery of metals and to increase production of recycled wood. The Hub-4 team went along to the Jack Moody Group’s head office at Holly bush farm in Wolverhampton to find out about the new equipment that JMG had recently purchased from Ecohog through Warwick Ward to enhance their recycling operation. At Ecohog we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of a customer and we were delighted with the collaboration with Warwick Ward and JMG, creating a tailored solution for JMG, which many larger manufacturers are unable to provide.

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The Jack Moody Group

The Jack Moody group was established in 1963 and are a recycling and civil engineering business based in the West Midlands. Since 1996 the recycling side of their business has grown prominently, JMG process and divert 750,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year. JMG have worked with local authorities over the last 22 years processing and recycling organic waste to create high quality compost products. With six recycling sites around the West Midlands, they also have a large logistics operation to transport all the material.

The Hub-4 team spoke to Rob Moody, managing director of JMG “We process around million tonnes of inert waste, 200,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste, and 150,000 tonnes of wood across our entire operation. The site here is a total of 55acres with a dedicated 27acre recycling facility and we employ a total of 414 people, with 55 working within the recycling business here”. “We were looking for Eddy Current separators to add to our operation here and on other sites and having had a relationship with Warwick Ward for some time, they have recently taken on the UK distributorship for Ecohog, which was very interesting for us” said Rob.

JMG, purchased three Tracked HogMag Eddy Current Separators (THM ECS-2000) through our distributor Warwick Ward. “These machines are primarily for our wood fuelled power stations, processing A,B and C grade wood to remove all metals. The processed wood is then sent to one of the first UK fully accredited TURCOS gasified power stations based in central Birmingham, which is operated by MWH.”

The power of the Ecohog THM ECS-2000

Rob also added “The Tracked HogMag Eddy Current Separators (THM ECS-2000) processes 35 tonne per hour for us here, and I must say, it’s been fantastic. We have been extremely happy with its performance, effectiveness and gen set power configuration. Its self-contained tracked design makes it extremely portable and versatile for what we need to achieve on this site. We worked closely with Warwick Ward and Ecohog and they have delivered a solution that has many bespoke elements tailored around our specific operation. The other important thing to point out is that it has a 2m wide Eddy Current rather than the usual 1.5m wide on other machines allowing much more material, which it handles extremely well at that rate.”

<img src="THM ECS-2000 HogMag.jpg" alt="Ecohog THM ECS-2000 working in recycled wood in JMG"/>

The unique Tracked HogMag Eddy Current Separators (THM ECS-2000) is the first of its kind to the marketplace and has led to unprecedented interest and demand worldwide. It incorporates an Eriez Rev X-E ST22-80 ECS, assisting and enhancing production by an additional 30% in comparison to standard 1500 models. This model is more suitable for processors with higher volumes of waste material needing when required to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

This unit also consists of built in compressors and airlines to facilitate regular cleaning down, reduce fire hazards and to ensure the ease of equipment maintenance. There are three integrated stockpiling conveyors on this machine. The mobility features make it more attractive to customers as it is versatile on site and can operate easily with other equipment in the process, and in JMG’S case, it was shredders and screens.

Tracked HogMag Eddy Current Separators (THM ECS-2000) offers an integrated suction fan option to remove super light contaminants such as paper/ light plastics that may be in their waste stream which can be problematic potentially damaging to furnace longevity (plastics). These units are highly efficient in waste wood recycling as demonstrated in the JMG application, but they are also suitable for other waste processing applications, such as Glass (MRF) clean up, incinerator ash and automotive fragment.

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