Ecohog’s Scrap Metal Mobile Downstream Leads Scrap Revolution

Ecohog’s Scrap Metal Mobile Downstream Leads Scrap Revolution

Scrap Metal Mobile Downstream

Revolutionising Scrap Metal Processing Equipment, the Ecohog Scrap Metal Mobile Downstream Solution, working in conjunction with existing hammermill shredding technology. The combination of equipment, including hammermill, Ecohog Recon-Q Mobile Ferrous Separation System and Hogmag tracked Eddy Current Separator enables scrap processors to maximise recovery of difficult to separate scrap metals and non-metal materials of a range of scrap processing types including Aluminium Can (UBC), City Scrap/ Amenity and Car Frag operations. As well as ferrous separation, metal combinations such as Zurich and Zorba are also liberated and sorted through the process. The combination of the equipment delivers an upgraded scrap metal waste downstream end product at a cheaper cost per tonne production rate.

Ecohog are both proud and excited to introduce this patent pending solution to the market. A product that has, within its first few years, revolutionised and redefined both the gold standard of scrap processing and the perception of the best way to recycle scrap, achieving unprecedented recovery and net profit.

Product information and key features can be found in our latest article, “Ecohog develop the ultimate scrap metal downstream solution “.

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