5 Mar, 2012

Ecohog Windshifter in Glass clean up

Ecohog Windshifter in Glass clean up

The Ecohog Windshifter in Glass Clean up is evolutionary, gaining processors 99% separation. The glass itself, which is separated, is generally heavily contaminated small items due to the methods of separation within the sorting system such as plastics, paper, packaging etc. The Ecohog windshifter cleans the glass using air separation, providing there is a difference in density. The windshifter can remove the lighter containments from the heavier glass products which cuts down on landfill cost and the heaver glass product can then be further processed. There are major benefits to recycling glass as every tonne of glass recycled prevents the quarrying of 1.2 tonnes of raw materials and as glass is 100% recyclable it never loses its clarity or purity meaning its lifespan is endless. Given landfill tax rising and more waste being sent to landfill this is an evolutionary piece of technology to help separate waste efficiently.

See the following example of glass separated by the Ecohog Windshifter leaving both heavier and light products thereafter.


Contaminated MRF Glass


Separated Heavier Glass product

Separated Light Contaminents


For more information on the Ecohog product range and how the Ecohog product range can clean up MRF Glass give Ecohog a call today on 0044 28807 61295.

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