27 Jul, 2016

Fiberglass – A Growing Market For Glass Recyclers

Fiberglass – A Growing Market For Glass Recyclers

Glass has always proved challenging for single stream glass recyclers due to various contaminants including paper, plastic, cardboard, foil and others. The inconsistency of waste streams and demands of the end user to meet certain quality standards and the drawback of low profit margins to top it off.

To glass recyclers delight according to Fiberglass direct, 2017 the fiberglass market is presenting itself as a potential ‘goldmine’ within the glass recycling industry. Great profit from a high standard of quality glass product.

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In North America 85% of homes are insulated with fiberglass insulation as it is convenient method to increase energy efficiency. It has been estimated that thermal insulation made from fiberglass conserves 12 times as much energy as is lost in its production and it may reduce residential energy costs by up to 40%.

In North America alone the fiberglass insulation manufacturing industry recycles more than 3 billion kg of pre and post-consumer glass containers eliminating landfill space required to house this material. Fiberglass contains up to 80% recycled glass along with silica sand completing the product. This naturally renewing resource further limits the environmental impact in the manufacturing process.

Ecohog can help glass recyclers

The Ecohog product range is designed to tackle tough applications such as glass cullet. The Ecohog product range can assist in cleaning up glass cullet by removing light materials such as paper and plastic and heavier materials, including metals. The Ecohog products can help customers achieve up to 95% separation, producing clean cullet suitable for further processing.

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