23 JUNE, 2020

International Women in Engineering Day, 23rd June

International Women in Engineering Day, 23rd June

Ecohog Celebrate International Women in Engineering Day

A day to celebrate the outstanding achievements of women who work within the engineering industry. International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is a global awareness campaign which continues to raise the profile of female engineers and focuses on the career opportunities available to females in the industry.

Ecohog are proud to celebrate this day to acknowledge the achievements of women in this sector and inspiring a new generation of females to enter the engineering profession. We are breaking stereotypes with six women employed in our manufacturing business and exceptional women they are too!

International Women in Engineering Day is key for us to influence and encourage a more diverse workplace.

Managing Director, Tracey McNally comments, “Engineering and manufacturing tend to be male dominated industries. At Ecohog we’ve seen huge benefits employing and engaging women in the sector in a range of roles. It’s been good for our business in developing knowledge and skills sets across the board, building strong teams and most importantly encouraging diversity in the workplace”.

Inspiring the female future of Engineering 

Graduate Product Design Engineer, Megan McLaughlin stated, “As a Graduate Engineer working within the waste and recycling equipment industry I would encourage many women to go into this sector. As women, we need to encourage and inspire the female future of engineering. I love the creativity and attention to detail needed for my job role.  Through discussing product specifications, designing models on CAD software, following products through the stages of production within the factory, and seeing how the finished products perform on-site. It is a very rewarding job as you are always learning”.

Diverse Industry 

Engineering is a diverse industry with a wealth of opportunity for females, we would strongly encourage business owners to promote opportunities for women in the sector. Our Women in Engineering employees have studied many different courses at University and followed a range of career paths, including; Business Studies, Communication, Advertising, Marketing, Accountancy, Engineering, Product Design and Rural Development. The Ecohog ladies range of backgrounds are all applicable to their roles within the manufacturing and engineering workplace making our world today a less stereotypical place!

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