8 MARCH, 2020

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

This Sunday 8th March is International Women’s Day! A day to celebrate all the women helping to build a gender-balanced world!

The theme this year is #EqualForEqual which influences equality for genders. Many inspirational women manage businesses including Ecohog’s very own Tracey McNally, Managing Director of the evolving company since 2013. With many years of management experience and knowledge, Tracey works hard with her senior team to drive and grow the business. After 7 years, Ecohog  now employs 28 staff.

Managing Director Tracey says, ‘the contribution of women to our workplace and company growth is key. Female employment within the manufacturing industry is on the rise and the sector is full of opportunities for female career development and International Women’s Day is a huge opportunity to highlight this’.

Through research, there has historically been a lack of female roles in all areas of business which hopefully with the awareness of International Woman’s Day and other initiatives will change in the coming years.

According to Stem Women (2019), recent research from UCAS provided by HSEA ‘35% of STEM students in higher education in the UK are women’. More females are studying physical sciences, mathematical sciences, computer sciences, engineering and technology. Over the years there has been a rapid growth of female graduates in core STEM subjects. In 2015 there were 22,020 female graduates to 24,000 in 2018 presenting a 1% rise (Stem Women, 2019). International Women’s Day globally promotes women to grow from strength to strength for women’s equality. Ecohog certainly advocate this within the Manufacturing Industry.

Our Ecohog team would like to thank all women for believing in each other and standing for #EqualForEqual.

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International Women's Day