Ecohog EH1500-TWS

Ecohog EH1500-TWS

The Ecohog Tracked Windshifter (EH1500-TWS) teamed with the Terex EcoTec TTS 620T Trommel separating pre-screened Skip Waste concentrating on the 0-80mm oversize fraction.

The TTS 620T Trommel initially screened the 0-80mm material to remove the 0-20mm fines element of the material. Removing the fines fraction enhances the overall production. This increased the separation process and added value to the recovered material. The remaining 20-80mm oversize fraction then passes from the TTS 620T Trommel into the Ecohog Tracked Windshifter (EH1500-TWS).

20-80mm Separation

The EH1500-TWS operates on the principle of density differentiation and separates heavy material from the light material. Our Windshifter ensures heavy fraction can be separated from the light fraction. This is to accommodate the end users material requirements. The heavies’ fraction discharge conveyor on the EH1500-TWS is also equipped with a magnetic head drum. This recovers ferrous metals from the heavy material, recuperating another profitable by-product.

The Result from the Skip Waste

In this particular composite of material, the end products recovered included a 0-20mm fines fraction, 20-80mm clean aggregate, 20-80mm SRF light fraction and a saleable scrap steel fraction.

Ecohog Windshifter is available in both static and mobile installations with optional auxiliaries depending on the application and customer requirements. The Ecohog Windshifter range is capable of achieving up to 99% separation, depending on the application.
Ecohog range is designed to work in conjunction with various industry machines such as trommels and screens. This will enhance the quality of fraction separation.

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